Revit Rich Text Editor

Designed and developed a rich text editor extension for Autodesk Revit to supplement the basic built-in text editing. Features include: […] Read more

Ukrainian Online Stores

General Purpose Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories Tantsi  (Men’s red Boots) (Women’s red […] Read more

TL;DR: Euromaidan and the Ukrainian Crisis

An Absurdly Brief Intro to Ukraine Ukraine is, by area, the largest country located entirely in Europe. It has thousands […] Read more

Bandura Resources

Learning to Play Mishalow’s Resource Handbook Shtokalko Kharkiv-style handbook Shtokalko bandura songbook Recordings of Shtokalko playing Bandura magazine parts 3-4 […] Read more

My PHP Dev Environment

Howdy! Most of the sites I build are in PHP, built on top of WordPress or MediaWiki, as I can build […] Read more

Raid on the North Pole

The Raid 0n the North Pole game series was originally conceived by Mark Zawadiwsky at a summer camp in Vovcha […] Read more


I’m frequently asked about pysankarstvo resources. I’ve tried a number of suppliers and outlined my recommendations below: Traditional Kistky Best: […] Read more

Digitizing Kodachrome Slides

My Nonna had some old Kodachrome slides she asked me to “develop at CVS”. Obviously CVS couldn’t do this so […] Read more