Росіль / Rosoł

This is my Баба’s old recipe. It’s the Halychan style of the Polish soup rosoł. This dish was once popular in Halychyna (western Ukraine), but fell out of popularity after WWII with the decline of Polish influence. It is still very popular in the Ukrainian diaspora. Ukrainians today would typically call this soup бульйон (bouillon), […] Read more

Backpacking Europe

I did a European backpacking trip for 10 weeks and wanted to share what I brought with me (edit: I’ve since updated it with new opinions for what I ideally would have brought with me having the experiences I have now). The Main Stuff Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack ($199) Pretty much the greatest travel backpack I’ve seen. There […] Read more

LabVIEW in Linux

I needed LabVIEW for a school project and, naturally, needed a way to get it to work in Linux! It took some hassling my school’s IT department but eventually they managed to get an iso image from NI called lv2013SP1pro-linux.iso. How you procure either an iso or a physical cd will be up to you. Godspeed. […] Read more