Ukrainian Online Stores

General Purpose Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories Tantsi  (Men’s red Boots) (Women’s red boots) (Men’s and Women’s red boots & shoes) (Men’s and Women’s red boots, black boots, & Postoly) Knicknacks Pysanky See Ceramics Read more

Bandura Resources

Learning to Play Mishalow’s Resource Handbook Shtokalko Kharkiv-style handbook Shtokalko bandura songbook Recordings of Shtokalko playing Bandura magazine parts 3-4 (including Introduction to Bandura Part II) Technical Resources Changing a Chernihiv string String gauges (Chernihiv, baby Vetzal, Vetzal Poltavka, Honcharenko Poltavka) Manufacturing Vetzal construction video One of the last Chernihiv […] Read more

My PHP Dev Environment

Howdy! Most of the sites I build are in PHP, built on top of WordPress or MediaWiki, as I can build these fairly quickly and host them cheaply, requiring minimal maintenance. It took me a while to come up with a comprehensive setup, so I hope this helps someone in the […] Read more

Raid on the North Pole

The Raid 0n the North Pole game series was originally conceived by Mark Zawadiwsky at a summer camp in Vovcha Tropa many, many years ago. Raid on the North Pole This is the original Raid on the North Pole, completed in Wildwood Ukie Week 2007. It was built using YoYoGames […] Read more


Major Suppliers: Ukrainian Gift Shop (UGS) The “standard” supplier. Most people are familiar with their dyes and frequently refer to them as standard shades (e.g. “UGS Orange”). They are nothing special but there is also nothing wrong with them and they are very reliable. Ukrainian Eggcessories (UE) Some of the […] Read more


2.5lb beef (or pork, veal, or chicken) 1 clove garlic Some garlic powder Coat in salt Pepper Worcestershire sauce (seriously, fuck whoever decided it should be spelled like that) Squirt ketchup Parsley Soak bread in milk + water and drain the liquid 1/2 finely chopped onion Add breadcrumbs until right […] Read more


Loaf 1.5lb meatloaf mix (beef, pork, veal?) Lipton onion recipe soup & dip mix (or onions, salt, and pepper) Wet “Italian” bread or bread crumbs 1 egg Parsley Squeeze bread out and add Mix with hands and mold 30 mins @ 350°F Sauce Brown sugar Ketchup Worcestershire sauce Gettin’ saucy […] Read more