What tech should I use?

Lots of people ask me questions like “What phone should I use?” So here’s my take for a wide variety of technologies. I’ll update this regularlyish. Phone I don’t get all religious about iOS vs Android. Just use the one you’re used to. I’m used to Android and like the customizability of it. Android: Grab […]

Recovering FreeNAS Corrupt Flash Drive

This is rough documentation from when I was recovering a FreeNAS server. I could not access the ZFS filesystem, as per most instructions, because some of the sectors were bad and it wouldn’t load. Extracting the config file Used DDRescue-GUI to dump an image of the drive Wrote a very quick and dirty script to […]


My friend’s dad makes the best “carbonara” (even though it’s not actually a carbonara). Here’s the recipe he sent along with a few small changes: Render the bacon until you get it crispy so you get most of the fat out of it. Then sauté cut up onions in the bacon fat until translucent sauté […]

Vodka sauce

This simple staple recipe comes from Ariella’s dad: Start with some marinara sauce (I’ll post my recipe for this soon enough…) Add 1/4 cup vodka for every cup of sauce Boil for about 10 minutes to boil off alcohol Add the mostly cooked pasta and finish cooking in the sauce until done Finish with cream and […]