My friend’s dad makes the best “carbonara” (even though it’s not actually a carbonara). Here’s the recipe he sent along with a few small changes:

  • Render the bacon until you get it crispy so you get most of the fat out of it.
  • Then sauté cut up onions in the bacon fat until translucent
  • sauté garlic with the onions add a couple tablespoons of flour to the pan.
  • Then add cream and milk. I usually use about a 50-50 mix. But you can adjust that based on taste.
  • Throw in the peas near the end just to get them cooked
  • when it’s all done throw the bacon back in, take it off the heat, and stir in shredded Parmesan cheese
  • Salt to taste.
  • Throw in a little nutmeg (optional)

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