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2.5lb beef (or pork, veal, or chicken) 1 clove garlic Some garlic powder Coat in salt Pepper Worcestershire sauce (seriously, fuck whoever decided it should be spelled like that) Squirt ketchup Parsley Soak bread in milk + water and drain the liquid 1/2 finely chopped onion Add breadcrumbs until right […] Read more


Loaf 1.5lb meatloaf mix (beef, pork, veal?) Lipton onion recipe soup & dip mix (or onions, salt, and pepper) Wet “Italian” bread or bread crumbs 1 egg Parsley Squeeze bread out and add Mix with hands and mold 30 mins @ 350°F Sauce Brown sugar Ketchup Worcestershire sauce Gettin’ saucy […] Read more

Росіль / Rosoł

This is my Баба’s old recipe. It’s the Halychan style of the Polish soup rosoł. This dish was once popular in Halychyna (western Ukraine), but fell out of popularity after WWII with the decline of Polish influence. It is still very popular in the Ukrainian diaspora. Ukrainians today would typically […] Read more

Backpacking Europe

I did a European backpacking trip for 10 weeks and wanted to share some recommendations for what to pack and how to travel. It’s poorly organized right now — sorry. The Main Stuff Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack ($199) Pretty much the greatest travel backpack in existence. There are better reviews […] Read more